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Member Benefits
As a member of Ashby Village, you get one-stop shopping to support living comfortably and safely at home – a single number to call in order to meet your short- or long-term needs.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Medical appointments
  • Ashby Village social and cultural events
  • Other transportation as needed and available
In-Home and Personal Support
  • Support, advice, and referral in addressing the changes associated with aging
  • Access to recommended home-care providers – some at discounted rates
  • Daily contact with another Village member, if desired
  • Assistance with minor household repairs and chores
  • Technical assistance setting up a new computer, programming a new device
  • Assistance with pet care
Cultural and Social Activities
  • Seminars on subjects of particular interest to Village members
  • Monthly restaurant luncheons
  • Potluck dinners at members’ homes
  • Interest groups, such as theater groups and book clubs
Health, Wellness and Fall Prevention
  • Walking and hiking groups
  • Exercise and relaxation classes (Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation)
  • Educational seminars (nutrition, managing medications, cognitive issues, etc.)
  • Macular Degeneration/Low Vision support group
  • Home safety assessment for your home
  • Household hazardous waste, volunteers identify and wrap pesticides, cleaning products & medications for disposal
  • Individual disaster-preparedness planning
  • MedPals rides, volunteer door-through-door support after medical procedures
  • Individual disaster preparedness consultation
  • Resources and referrals (to non-profit organizations & approved professional providers)
This is an open-ended list. Member needs and volunteer opportunities will define our offerings.
Provider Discounts
Ashby Village members have access to a list of screened service providers, some of whom offer discounts for a variety of services.